Records of a Salem Vessel in 1803: Featured Documents from the National Archives at Boston

Speaking of Custom House… This online exhibit from the National Archives about early 19th century merchant shipping and its paper trail is amazing. I’ve referred to it again and again as I continue with Book Two revisions. From… Read More

Tax Collectors There Must Be: Inside Custom House

Remember that little kerfuffle we call the American Revolutionary War? Remember what started it all? Taxes. In Book One of my current work-in-progress, the male lead character, Josiah, is offered a job as a secret agent, gathering intelligence… Read More

Introducing the Story: Welcome to Federalist Boston

Introducing the setting to my upcoming four-part historical fiction continuity series. Boston, 1792. Four years after the ratification of the United States Constitution. Three years after it came into force. George Washington is president. John Adams is his… Read More