18th Century Cookbooks

Mrs. Robb, one of the main characters of my current work in progress, is an excellent cook. She was taught to cook and bake by the daughter of a French Huguenot refugee in Boston who had been a… Read More

Oooh-da-lolly, Robin Hood: A Plot Analysis

Today my kids and their cousins were watching Robin Hood, which reminded me of this post, which I wrote for an old blog of mine. This one is for the writers and story analysts out there. Enjoy! My… Read More

Records of a Salem Vessel in 1803: Featured Documents from the National Archives at Boston

Speaking of Custom House… This online exhibit from the National Archives about early 19th century merchant shipping and its paper trail is amazing. I’ve referred to it again and again as I continue with Book Two revisions. From… Read More

Your Daily Nautical Inspiration: Climbing the Main Mast of a Fully-Rigged Tall Ship

The idea of climbing a mast appeals to me, though I probably wouldn’t make it past the maintop… Probably better that my character is the one doing this, not me. Heights! Eek! Hat tip to gCaptain.

Story Research: Current Go-To Books on the Bookshelf

I love perusing other people’s bookshelves. Don’t you? As a historical fiction writer, I spend much of my time doing research. Below is a sampling of the books currently sitting on my bookshelf. Have fun browsing! Bulfinch’s Boston,… Read More

Forgive This Emo Moment: The Lumineers and Character Psychology

Fiction writing is a strange process, and fiction writers, strange for it. For me, story writing is largely an analytical process of thinking through cause and effect: If this happens, then this happens next. If this character meets… Read More